Choosing and buying a Diamond

Guide to Choosing and Buying Diamonds

At Engage Diamonds we understand that buying diamonds can be a daunting process. That’s why we’ve compiled this comprehensive guide to ensure that you choose the perfect diamond for your needs.

What is a diamond and why are they so highly valued?

Diamonds are composed of pure carbon and take many years to form. They are produced naturally as a result of high pressure and temperatures hundreds of kilometres below the Earth’s surface. They have an exceptional appearance in addition to being the hardest naturally occurring substance in the world. Their sparkle and brilliance makes diamonds the perfect symbol of eternal love.

Although engagement rings were first used in Ancient Egypt, the first known diamond engagement ring was in 1477 in Austria.  Only a small percentage of all diamonds mined are considered of high enough quality to be used in the jewellery industry.  It usually takes many tonnes mined to produce just one carat of diamonds.

Buying diamonds – “The four C’s” that you need to know

In 1939 De Beers sought to take the confusion out of buying diamonds by introducing the “four C’s”. The “four C’s” are used to understand the characteristics of a diamond and determine its quality and price. Each diamond is graded on its carat, clarity, colour and cut. This system has become the industry standard for classifying diamonds throughout the world.

We've prepared a page where you can read more about the four C’s to make buying diamonds easier for you.

What are Russian Cut diamonds?

The Russian diamond cutting and polishing industry is considered by many to be the best in the world. It was pioneered under the Soviet Communists who were willing to put beauty over monetary considerations.  

This led to the development of an outstanding industry that placed emphasis on the quality of the cut. They sacrificed diamond weight for a beautiful, correctly proportioned cut that would display optimum brilliance (fire and scintillation).

In contrast, the tradition in the West was to cut the largest stone - knowing diamonds were valued most by weight - even if the diamond was of substandard proportion, polish and symmetry. As a result buying diamonds that are Russian cut is very different from buying diamonds that are Western cut.

Engage Diamonds deal in Russian cut diamonds and other finely cut diamonds. For more information on buying diamonds, call 03 9530 0870. 

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